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Hi, my name is Natalia and I'm destination Fine Art film and digital photographer in Italy and around Europe. You can meet me on Lake Como or Garda, or around beautiful Tuscany hills in a company of my beloved family (my husband and son) and of course with my camera. We travel a lot and we like to explore new places, to find a real gems and my passion to photography is perfectly implemented into this lifestyle.  


I shoot both film and digital, mostly families, engagements and weddings in Italy. I adore Italian light, colors of nature, all the details of the everyday living, scents and sounds of Italian countryside. 


Film photography is my passion, because film helps to keep in memories the atmosphere of the places I like, film photo keeps all the colors and midtones and can transfer to the moment immediately. 


I find this job of the wedding photographer in Italy to be the best possible for me, because I capture love, warm feelings, true emotions, tears of the joy, laugh and save these memories in pictures for a long years for my clients. So if you are looking for a photographer in Italy, be sure I will put all my heart into your photos. See you! 



I base in Italy during the wedding season, but my schedule is flexible, so if you plan a photoshoot in one of this locations or somewhere nearby, please contact me about availability. Also I'm always happy to shoot in South of France.









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Rome, Tuscany / Italy



Amalfi Coast / Italy



Lake Como, Venice / Italy







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How to book?

If you are planning a wedding or a vacation and are looking for a photographer in Italy, let me know by sending an email. Please include information about the dates of your trip to Italy, the type of photoshoot (wedding, family, engagement, portrait etc.), location, number of guests (if wedding) and a few words about yourself, where are you from and what do you expect from the shoot. If I'm available, you'll get a PDF brochure from me with all the details and pricing. I cover all Italian regions (wedding in Lombardy, wedding in Tuscany, wedding in Amalfi, wedding in Venice, wedding in Verona, wedding on Lake Como and Lake Garda) and can travel to other EU countries for your photoshoot. 

What is Fine Art photography?

If you are looking for a wedding photography in Italy full of light, softness, atmosphere, true natural colors, a photography with attention to details and with a soul, a photography that is timeless, I'm the photographer you are searching for. I shoot mostly film and modern film photography differs very much from that one we used to remember from our childhood. It's a powerful tool in the right hands which captures the moment in it's unique way, and any digital camera can't compare to it. Also I may combine film and digital photography while shooting your wedding day for example, mostly when I'm in a low light situation. So, be sure I will choose the right way to capture your beautiful day. 

Why Italy & do you travel to other places?

I'm natural light photographer and I adore the light in Italy, landscapes, architecture, it is beautiful in every corner. So I photograph mostly in Italy and cover all it's regions (Lakes Como and Garda, Rome, Tuscany, Apulia, Venice, Sardinia, Liguria etc.), but also travel to other European countries for my clients. I was shooting in Portugal, Montenegro, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland. In 2019 I have in my schedule Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, so contact me with details of your trip and book your photoshoot in Italy or any other EU country.  

How do I get my photos?

After your photoshoot I will send you a sneak peek. Then I will process and edit all the photos. The term for wedding shoots is 2 months, other shoots 1 month. When your photos are ready, you'll get an email notification with the link to the gallery. This is online gallery with all your photos in full size. You can download photos, share with your friends and family, repost in social media. Also you will get prints from your wedding day beautifully packed in a handmade box. It will be delivered to your home address. If you want to order Fine Art album with your photos, just let me know. The album can be ordered later as well.  


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Email me with the details about your photoshoot. The dates, type of shooting, location, timing, number of guests (if wedding), where are you from etc. 



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Are you planning your wedding in Italy? Here are the most popular regions: wedding in Lombardy, wedding in Tuscany, wedding in Amalfi, wedding in Venice, wedding in Verona, wedding on Lake Como and Lake Garda.